Serving Montgomery

Anglicans for Life

This ministry strives to uphold Biblical principles concerning the sacredness of life. Working with local agencies such as First Choice and Life on Wheels, we help families find the resources and support they need to choose life, offering them counsel, prayer, assistance, and encouragement. For more information, contact Dolly McLemore at 262-7527.

Chi Rho Kids

Supporting children and their families through holistic education, spiritual growth, and development is the goal of Chi Rho Kids. This ministry is a pre-K program for under-resourced families in the Montgomery area and is offered Mondays through Thursdays here on the campus of Christchurch during the school year. For more information, contact Hope Mardre at 279-6315.

Valiant Cross Academy

Christchurch is proud to help support Valiant Cross Academy, an all-male private school located in the heart of downtown Montgomery, in the old historic Dexter Avenue Methodist Church. The school’s founders are addressing the clear challenges these young men face with love, discipline, and a dedication to high expectations. For more information on how you can get involved with this amazing, ground-breaking school, please contact Katherine Trock-Akin at 387-0566, ext. 209.

West Montgomery

As a church, we are charged to spread the light of Christ in our communities. Christchurch has partnered with several ministries in West Montgomery:

  • House to House: Their mission is to refurbish homes for the under-resourced areas of Montgomery. Christchurch will be assisting with the revitalization of the neighborhood with cleanup and construction
  • Mercy House: We love to partner with this “Day House” in West Montgomery. It’s a safe haven for homeless people to get a hot meal, take showers, and wash and dry their clothes. In addition, children stop in and receive an after school snack on their way home each day. During the holidays, when there is no benefit of a free school sponsored lunch, they feed young people who are hungry. They always need donations and volunteers – what a fun way to get involved in the community!
  • Common GroundThis important ministry provides academic and social programs throughout the year for at-risk youth in Washington Park in Montgomery. They strive to build leaders from urban youth through long-term mentorship, biblical discipleship, and developmental programs while transforming the neighborhood. Christchurch has been a long and strong supporter for the good work they are doing. 

For more information on any of these ministries, contact Katherine Trock-Akin at 387-0566, ext. 209.

Adullam House

Christchurch is excited to start a closer partnership with Adullam House this Fall! Their mission of “It’s better to build children than to repair grown ups”  is demonstrated every day as they take in children of incarcerated parents to educate, love on, and raise the children to know the Lord and the power of His love! There are many ways you can help get involved with this amazing ministry with us – come join us!

Advent Tree

Every Advent, we have the opportunity to give back to local and international partners through participating in our Advent Tree. By picking up an “ornament” you can help provide specific needs for: Chi Rho Kids, Valiant Cross Academy, Family Sunshine Center, Guatemala, or Common Ground. What a wonderful way to keep focused on serving others during the Advent season!

Operation Christmas Child (Shoebox Ministry) – Wednesday, November 20th

Do you like to go shopping? Do you like the challenge of seeing how much you can fit into a shoebox? Do you like praying for kids all over the world? Then you will love our Shoebox Ministry! On November 20th, we will gather as a parish to pack shoeboxes full of donated items that will be sent to children all around the world. Not only will these children receive essential and fun items like combs, toothbrushes, and toys, but these shoeboxes will be a tangible sign of God’s love and faithfulness. For more information, please contact Katherine Akin at 387-0566, ext 209.

The Good Shepherd Anglican Church

Would you like to help our daughter parish in Auburn/Opelika as they grow as a church family? Contact Fr. Andrew Rowell at 387-0566, ext. 206. When you are in the area, please join Fr. Ben and the lovely people of The Good Shepherd for worship at 10:00am at 1311 2nd Avenue in Opelika, AL