Serving the World

Allsaints Primary School, Uganda

Christchurch is honored to sponsor all of the 170 precious children at Allsaints Primary School! We work with the Church of Uganda to provide educational opportunities and medical support for these orphaned and vulnerable children. In addition, we are providing funds to improve the physical campus of their school, so that it might be a place of safety and security. We want them to learn not only their ABCs, but also about the eternal hope and love of their Heavenly Father! During Lent, the children of Christchurch sponsor The Giving Tree Sponsorships to benefit the children of Allsaints. For more information, contact Katherine Akin at 387-0566, ext. 209.

Panajachel, Guatemala

Christchurch has sent three teams to Panajachel, Guatemala on International Youth Mission Trips. A small group of youth spend a week working with children and supporting the ministries of local missionaries in Guatemala. Relationships are made with the people of Guatemala that will continue to grow for years to come. For more information about upcoming mission trips or to hear how you can help support wells being built to provide vital clean water, please contact Katherine Akin at 387-0566 ext 209.

Sebei Diocese—The Church of Uganda

Christchurch was created 14 years ago as an Ugandan parish under the authority of the Sebei Diocese of Eastern Uganda, only afterwards coming under the authority of our current bishop in the Gulf Atlantic Diocese. But, by God’s grace, we are blessed to continue our relationship with the people of Sebei! We plan on traveling to Uganda in August 2019 to visit our African brothers and sisters, so please keep an eye out for more information! For more details, contact Katherine Akin at 387-0566, ext.209.