Parish Life

One of the characteristics of Christchurch is that we have been made a family by God’s grace. All of the riches of Parish Life at this church are celebrations of that fact – that we have been bound together in love by God, the author and perfector of our love for one another. If you’re new among us, we’re so glad you’re a part of our family!

5.2 Fellowship

5.2 Fellowship is a fellowship community for those in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. Join us for fun and exciting events! For more information, contact Julie Hines at 462-4112.


Enjoy monthly fellowship events around Montgomery for those 50 years and over, including a delicious meal, entertainment, and transportation! For more information, contact Marty Nanfeldt at 387-0566, ext. 214.

Holy Chow

Come join our monthly fellowship at pot-luck dinners held in parishioners’ homes throughout the year. If you’d like to volunteer or for more information, contact Pat Powell at 546-7014.

Parish Hostess/Helpers

Our parish hostess/helpers offer a great opportunity to serve as they prepare food, decorate, and organize parish receptions, dinners, and other special events. For more information, contact Becky Pollard at 850-2577.

Easter Egg Hunt

Immediately after the 9:30am Easter Day Service

This joyous annual event is held on the church grounds for children ages 2 through 8. Volunteer to help with set-up, hide eggs, and clean-up. We need you! Contact Cindy McLaughin at 387-0566, ext 210 to help.

Lenten Hearts

This ministry is a wonderful chance to pray for the children of Christchurch! At the beginning of March, Lenten Hearts with the names of our children and Chi Rho kids will be posted on the bulletin board in the hall outside of Canterbury Hall. Please select a child and pray for him/her each day during Lent. You may also choose to write a note to each child or do something special for them on Easter Sunday, April 21st. Contact Cindy McLaughlin at 387-0566, ext 210.

Bundles of Joy

Babies are a blessing from the Lord! Would you enjoy welcoming new babies into the Christchurch family by delivering a meal to their families? This team also delivers a welcome sign, and a gift for the family! They also recognize our childcare providers in the Nursery at a special appreciation luncheon in each year. To be added to our delivering meals email list or for more information, contact Erin Tench at 462-7559.