ADult Formation


“Galatians” Sunday School Class


Written to a church struggling to understand the Gospel, Paul’s Letter to the Galatians is a classic exploration of what it means to trust in Jesus for salvation. This class walks through Paul’s letter passage by passage and examines the major themes of the letter, such as justification by faith, belonging to the family of God, and life in the Spirit.

“The Lord’s Prayer” Wednesday Night Class


Part of our “Intro to Christianity” series taught each fall, this 13-week class explores the Lord’s Prayer and how to have a life of prayer as a Christian. Using the Anglican Catechism as a guide, each session will study a line of the Lord’s Prayer and its impact on how we pray and act as Christians.

The Screwtape Letters” Wednesday Night Class


C.S. Lewis’ satirical novel The Screwtape Letters shares a collection of letters between senior demon “Screwtape” and his nephew “Wormwood” as they try to tempt a British man away from Christianity. This 13-week class explores the biblical, literary, and theological aspects of Lewis’s classic apologetic book.